Wrapping up June 2012

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Wrapping the month of June with some great riding in between all the rain.

1st off was a spin around Tolt not sure we ever came across anyone else riding the entire time.


Great 12 or so mile spin around some fun trails.


Followed by a BBQ in the parking lot afterwards, all rides should end this way.

Next June ride on the docket is a spin at Tokul West. Ran into one person out on the trails other than that had the place to ourselves. The lower trails are in great shape, but as we started down Upper Outback it is a mess up there. Lots of down trees and other debris blocking the trail there are some huge ponds covering the trail in places. After bush whacking our way through we did a few laps on Mouse Trap.


The expression says it all…F.U.N!   Full Bench had some trees blocking the upper switchbacks and are now moved off. The lower trails were clear just really torn up from heavy horse use when muddy.


Quick Group shot prior to heading into Bob Sled.


Followed by another BBQ! It was a perfect day for a ride and laying down on the grass after stuffing my face, I just wanted to take a nap in the sun.

The last ride in June was a trip to Cle Elum for a spin at Rat Pac. Leaving the wet side was well very wet and continued to be wet as we rolled into Cle Elum. Looking at the weather apps on our phone it was suppose to clear up by go time, but looking up at the sky did not see how that would be possible. Yet, at go time it stopped raining and shortly there after the sun came out.

We started out towards Roslyn and started up the trails from there. Other than the group photo at the top the following photos are supplied by Milt, my camera I picked up in September gave up the ghost.


The trails were tacky in some places and other bone dry in others.


Little Slick Rock detour before reaching the top


What a great day to be out in the wood. Short snack break then took off for Upper Rat Pac followed by Lower Rat Pac. The conditions could not have been better. I think we were only a 1/4 of the way down the trail when I heard I don’t remember the climb now. Smile


I need to get back up there again before it all gets dried out and dusty. Great time and when it is a new trail to some in the group it makes the ride that much better. At the end of the ride there was no BBQ we made a trek to the Sunset Café for some good, then worked our way back to the wet side that was no longer wet.

Next up is Middle Fork, Palisades then a week in Bend for the 2nd trip this year.