Day 3 – Erik’s Annual Trip Mountain Bike Drip 2008

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Cutthroat Pass

IMG_1680Day 3 and this is the ride I’ve been looking forward too since we arrived.  It  was a great ride four years ago and I’ve been itching to get back ever since.  We would also have two more joining our group today.  This particular trail has everything a fun trail, good climb with views and a huge reward of a view at the top.

The entire drive out there are fantastic views.  We  arrived at the trail head geared up and off we went.   The climb up to the Lake is all middle ring and felt a heck of a lot easier than four years ago.  I also did not fall into the ravine like last time, they have a new bridge you can actually ride across now.

For a Tuesday Morning the trail was fairly busy with hikers out enjoying theIMG_1609 weather.   Even some folks spreading ashes.  Note to my buddies I like the view at the top a heck of a lot more……  

Even though it has been four years the trail was very familiar to me.  It is fairly wide up to the lake and not all that technical.  There are a few very short rollers to climb over, but other then that it is a nice easy climb to the lake.


From the trail head to the lake is 3 miles.


Brian and Peggy are the only ones of the original group four years ago riding with me today that have ridden this trail before.  Brian and I are the only ones of this group that have been to the top.  Everyone else this would be the first time.


Great little creek crossing.


Cutthroat Lake, a fantastic view and better than I remembered.  The bugs were bad for some, but I was soaked in 100% Deet and they left me alone.  Took  a large number of photo’s then time to head back to the main trail and up to the Pass.  I started out and some how missed the left turn.

While the trail up was familiar the way down was not and I was enjoying the fun flow so much I did not notice I was heading back to the cars.  Finally David called on the radio to let me know of my mistake.  They were on the correct trail and heading up.  Grant, Austin and I turned around to ride back up to the correct trail.  Nothing like adding a few more miles to one’s ride.

I put in a hard effort to make up time for my mistake and catch backup with 2721671336_30714a8abb_othe group.  After the stream crossing I think we hit the second switchbacks and caught up to David and Brian.  I was also now tired and settled in for the climb, but not granny, but not far from it either though.  As we got higher this trail tops out at over 6800’ the three days of riding and the effort I put in earlier caught up with me.  I was still pedaling away, but it was taking a good bit more effort.  Interesting granny was very uncomfortable for me, so I would be a gear or two up.  IMG_1640

During my breaks to catch my breath and rest a bit, I took lots of photos.  I am really happy how well many of them turned out.  Not bad for a little point and shoot I keep in my pocket.  I’ve been looking at some front loading camera bag’s for my DSLR that can connect to the front of a Camelbak for future trips like this.

From the Lake up to this point we’ve seen no one else other then our group.  You could always hear the bear bell’s of someone in our group above me as the trail switch backs up this mountain.


Great View near the top.


Trail is picturesque


More climbing to go, but only 1/2 mile or so.


Proof my bike made it


and I did as well


Or here is a photo of both the bike and me.


Many wait until the Fall when the tree’s change colors to ride this trail.  I think I prefer it with all the green with a bit of winter snow still on the shade side.

Four years ago we had very little time at the top it was our second ride of the day in the late fall and getting dark soon.  It was 4:30 and would be getting dark soon after 5PM.  All these years I could no recall what the opposite side of this ridge looked like.


Well…. I do now, not as spectacular as the other side, but still a nice view all the same.  We had all day to just sit around eat our lunch and take in the views.  There was a family that had hiked in from the Rain Pass side by way of the Pacific Crest Trail.  They were eating lunch in a group of tree’s to the right of the above photo.


After soaking in the great views and finishing lunch it was time for a group photo.  This is the one Brian took.


It was now time to coast all the way back down.  Fun, Fun, Fun, loose switchback then more fun.







The Smiles have it, another great ride.  Grant and Austin would come down about 20 minutes later.  Austin tore the side wall of his tire.



Two pieces of tube and two tire patches.


We packed up and drove into Winthrop for some ice cream to cool off.

Back at Camp Central the Celebration Dinner tonight would be spaghetti


Bread with some garlic butter melting nicely.


The Sauce


The noodles



I am tired now and tomorrow is Starvation Mnt or Buck Mnt.

Photo series here and here on flickr.

Ride Data:  image

  • 13.43 Miles
  • 2684 Elevation Gain
  • Total Time: 4:13  (Moving Time was 3:30 something if I recall)
  • Highest Point: 6829’
  • Will I ride this trail Again: Yes