White River–Skookum Loop

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Two weekends in a row with great weather where to ride next. How about an early season White River – Skookum Loop? Sure! then plans were put into motion to go tackle this trail. Originally the plan was for Sunday, but then I was gently reminded it was also Mothers Day. When burning the candle at both ends at work you tend to accidently forget about Holidays, Events, etc or I have early on set of sometimers….. To avoid putting anyone in the dog house we moved the ride to Saturday.

The drive out to Buck Creek Trailhead we had blue skies and a great view of Mt Rainier.


Geared up and head for Corral Pass Road to start at the top of White River.


Regroup and let the fun begin


White River





From the top to the bottom White River is clear.


After completing White River we made out way a little further North and then started on Skookum.



IMG_0709 - Copy

Skookum is clear as well. Only took a few photos on this section was getting tired and just pedaled along.

16.2 miles, 1742 elevation gain and 20.13 Twinkies expended.