Tolt Trail Restoration Work Party

In Ride Report by Hawkens

We are getting close to completing The Phoenix and could use some good sized groups for this last push. We will post these every two weeks, check the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance website, the Got Singletrack! Calendar or Facebook.

We will meet at the Large Parking lot across from the Soccer fields and head up at 9AM. Look for a Black Dodge Truck. Then bike or hike up to where we'll be working.

If you arrive late head up IAB and take the left at the five way (East Road) and follow the road to the right (South Road). Keeping the clear cut on your right side. Continue straight you'll pass two roads on your right at the third road (West Road) turn right and look for pink flags in the clear cut.

Stay as long or short as you’d like, I plan to be there from 9AM to 1PM.

What to bring:
◾Water, lunch, s...nack and a pack to haul it in
◾Work boots or tough hiking boots (sturdy footwear)
◾Rain gear, layers, work attire
◾Safety glasses and work gloves if you have them
◾A McLeod if you have one
◾A Pruning Saw (If you have one)

If you don't have tools we have enough for about 8.

The section of The Phoenix in blue is complete and the section in red is what we will focus on.