Tolt and BBQ Ride

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Sunday was a return to Tolt it had been a long while since I’ve pedaled my bike around these trails. After walking your bike across the bridge there is a short road that climbs up to the start of IAB. The road just steep enough to have you breathing hard as you enter the trail that starts off steep. Then just as you are about the crest the trail kicks up a bit more then sends you down. Then down immediately becomes back up, a steep section around a root ball that always feels like a sand trap. It is much easier these days to ride around the root ball, in years past it was much more difficult.


From there the trail eases and just a matter of settling in for the climb or ramp up the effort to get it over with.


In years past the water bars on IAB were higher and longer,they are worn down and not much of a challenge these days.

Once at the top we arrived at the five way and wait for the rest of the group to arrive. Once the group arrived we made our way to Root 86.


Root 86 is a fun trail when dry and a challenging trail when wet. Some of the great challenges are worn down or have rotted away. Still a fun trail to start with.











After Root 86 we made our way to Fern World and extension. Thanks to the crew that reclaimed the trail, it is rolling great these days.


Now you’d think this photo was taken at Fern World, nope. After rolling through Fern World we climbed back up to the water towers and followed that trail back down to the five-way. Then navigated our way to East Road Trail, over to Mystery and Babe’s Marine to Cousins. From there the inner loop near Toothpick then down the super fun trail that is Toothpick. Well….great for those that don’t have wide bars, those close calls slipping between two tree’s certainly increase the fun factory right?

Exit out of Toothpick and down Blair Witch Project then up Go-Kart. Go-Kart is a steep little climb and made more difficult when wet, on this day it was all dry and no biggie. From there we then connected to the trail show in the photo above. Severance a really fun trail in either direction, perhaps we should have done two laps. Maybe next time we were running short on time, we had a BBQ to kick off at noon.


After exiting Severance made our way to Dancin’, I-90 to The Beast. You know The Beast really only lives up to its name if you ride it in reverse when wet. Otherwise just a trail with lots of roots. Exited The Beast and a quick loop through Nessy and ‘76.




Rony all smiles on Nessy, on 76’ he would break a spoke that gets caught in his rear cog.


Bikes resting while doing some field repairs on a bike. My next post will be recommended tools and parts to keep in your pack. Between the group we were able to get the issue fixed.

Exited out of the Beast back tracked on I-90 back to the road. Then it was time for the Burn, fun trail and with dry conditions super fun. Exited out of the Burn and made our way through Cross Quadrant….with how dry all the trails were it was a bit of surprise to find this trail all deep mud.

Finally reached the end of CQ and jumped on to Babe’s Marine taking it to The Spine. Great to see all the bridges are holding up well after all these years.

Regroup at the Five-way and down IAB.


Rolled into parking lot and it was BBQ time.


Dave whipping up a great salad.


Great day for a ride and have a BBQ, we’ll be doing more of these this summer for sure.

We put in around 11 miles per everyone’s computers, saw several hikers and two other Mountain Bike groups.  In prior years a nice day like this you’d find the parking lot packed with cars with bike racks. Now all that action is at Duthie, hopefully folks don’t forget about this great trail system. It offers great variety to keep it interesting. A comment made on the ride was, I can’t recall the last time we had to call out turns. Yeah, it has been a while since we’ve been on a trail that offers more than on option at intersections.