Taking advantage of the extended summer at Orcas Island

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Last year I just ran out of time to make an Orcas Trip happen, this year everything fell into place including great weather.


I drove down after work and stayed in a local hotel to avoid that 2hr early morning drive up to make the ferry.

That worked out great I got up had some breakfast then leisurely made my way to the ferry terminal. At 6:30 in the morning there were already a number of cars in line. The ferry would not leave for another hour and walked around enjoying the morning sunrise. Eddie rolled up about a half hour later.


Always enjoy the ferry ride to Orcas.

Arrived then drove to the Moran State Park where we met Brian then continued on to the Rangers cabins. Where we parked and would begin our ride.


We would take the road up to Mount Constitution then ride theĀ  trails down. Loaded up the Garmin with my previous course for this ride. The Garmin would displayed a pacer of my previous results on this route that I would be virtually competing with. That and trying to hang on with Brian and Eddie should push me up this climb.

The was some traffic on the road, but not too bad.


About 2 or so miles into the climb you begin to have views to enjoy. Taking your mind off the climbing.

IMG_2840 Stitch

3 miles later from the last view point we reached the top and this big view


There is a tower at the top you can climb up. Here is a view from one of the openings as I climbed the tower.


Looking down from the tower


The view from the tower


After a short rest we hit the trail, stopping to take in the views along the way.


Big Views!


Looking down on Mountain Lake we would be riding by later today


Trails were perfect up top and a little dusty once we got to the bottom.


We kept a solid pace ran into some riders\hikers at the top. Once we cross the road and continued on we never saw soul again until the lake.


The section rolling along the lake is fun as always and did not see a soul until we had to climb away from the lake.


The trail ended and dumped us out to the road, rather then coast back to the Rangers Cabin. We searched for more singletrack and followed it for a bit working our way back to the Rangers cabins. Eventually arriving back to the truck. Great ride, perfect trail conditions and nearly had it to ourselves.

When we rolled back to the truck my virtual pacer was still a ways, guess we really pushed the pace. My legs were shot from the effort, loaded up said bye to Brian would be staying the weekend. Then hurried back to the ferry terminal. Only to find that the 3PM ferry does not run on Saturday, we would be waiting for the 5PM now.


Now that we had a lot of time to kill we walked up to a nearby INN for lunch. Great end to a Sunday.