Spin @ Ranger Creek minus the views….

In Ride Report by Hawkens

The weather has been great and with reports that Palisades and Ranger Creek are clear let’s head up that way…….

Saturday the day was great and Sunday…..less great. Driving out as we drove past Tiger Mountain it was really raining and cleared up by the time we rolled into a very packed parking lot at Buck Creek. Even the road leading out to the runway was crowded with cars. We then loaded up the trucks with bikes, passengers, gear and drove up Corral Pass Road. Followed by another couple trucks with a few other familiar faces that planned a few laps on the Mountain.

Once up top it was time to get this adventure started….


The trails were nice and dry…..and a bit foggy



Normally there is this great view in the background….today the views would be absent.


Then it was time to move along and maybe climb a bit more. Some would hike up this section, some would attempt to ride or a mix of both….


After arriving at the top we began coming up on runner after runner training for the White River 50 Mile Endurance Run. If you plan on tackling Palisades and Ranger Creek on Saturday July 28th. There will be 200 runners on the trail might want to find some where else to ride that day.


We traveled for a bit and then starting come across snow…..or more like ice. As I found as my bike zipped out from under me on one section.


Then we arrived back to more great trail…….until we got around the corner that is


Then we hit even more snow….. This was that last bit of it then it was all goodness after that, stopping only to let runners by from time to time.


Along the way we had one rider get smacked good by the trail. Once at the shelter the first aid gear was broken out to clean up the trail rash.


Another group shot now with tree’s in the background instead of fog….. What’s with all the jackets…thought it was Summer, mid July to be exact.


Snacks eaten, trail rash cleaned up time to get rolling again.



Coming down Ranger Creek fun as always. It was great to run across so many familiar faces out on the trail.

There is one larger tree probably 36” in diameter across the trail at the last switchback before you connect to White River and rollout to the road. Talking to the trail gnomes it will be gone shortly though.