Spin @ Middle Fork River Trail

In Ride Report by Hawkens

The last time we took at spin @ Middle Fork was early July 2010, probably time to return so we did. The trail is open odd days to Mountain Bikes during the summer months. The road out to this trail is a huge deterrent with a million potholes for 11 miles…… Almost might be worth stopping at the CCC Trailhead and riding in from there. There are plans to pave the road that will help a great deal.

After a bumpy and muddy drive we arrived at the trailhead, geared up and then took off to reacquainted with the Middle Fork River Trail.


The entrance to the trail you are greeted by this bridge that offers great views up and down the river. Then the climbing begins….


During the entire length of this trail you feel like you are climbing….the way back feels the same. There are several sections with steps that give you a full body work out as you climb up each level of the step. Some are tight others have a longer landing giving you some time to prepare to get over the next step.


There are a few creek crossings with this one the largest



In 2010 you had to climb down and go under a fallen log. Conditions have improved, but other areas you still need to climb or now a bog.


While climbing you are surrounded by a carpet of moss.



At the 1st bridge we came to this was the view


Quick break then push on for our turnaround point



At the six mile mark we reached our lunch stop and the section we would head back from.


Several years ago when the water was lower we climbed down and soaked in the river along the rocks. The water was a bit high and running fast to do anything like that. There also used to be a log hanging off the rock to the right we used to sit on. Guess nature reclaimed it.

After having lunch and chatting with some other riders we took off the way we came. The hope was there would be less climbing and more coasting as it felt like we climbed the entire way here…..nope it seems we climbed equal parts on the way back. .


Rolling back to the parking lot. Its not a bad ride with the river and mountain views, if it had a bit more flow like McKenzie River Trail or the Cooper River Trail we probably included it in the rotation more frequently.