Snake Alley at Sage Hills

In Ride Report by Hawkens

After our last ride at Sage Hills we made plans to return in the fall those plans were accelerated as a few wanted to return or missed the last trip. On Sunday we made the trek to Wenatchee again. This trip we would start from the Horse Lake Trailhead and start up the double track. We were the 1st of the group to arrive and shortly there after the rest of the group started rolling in.


Lets Roll!


While we did not have sun shining down on us the temps still hovered at 70 and the slight breeze made the climbs very comfortable. On the 1st double track climb we are chatting away, when I catch out of the corner of my eye a snake near my front wheel. I quickly dart around it like I’ve done around snakes before. Hoping to be well past it before my fear of snakes reflex kicks in. As I got the front tire went around the rattle snake, it then coiled up and rattled that tail at me and the rider behind me……Yeah that got the heart pounding and had me looking and listening more intently as I continued up the double track. There were a good many snakes out on the trails and surprised I missed the one that scurried behind me into the path of a rider behind me.

Eventually the double track dumps us into a meadow

Sage Hills Meadow

Looking out over the Meadow





Stop for group photo and keep on the lookout for snakes


Wagon Train…..


Even on Cloudy Days the scenery is worth stopping and taking it all in.

Sage Hills - Lightning


After a bit of rolling hills we finally reach Lightning, there are views, great trail that goes on forever and huge smiles are permanently planted on our faces.


All Smiles!



Looking out at the trail we would be riding shortly back to the trailhead


When we arrived back to the cars figured lets head up to Homestead. That plan changed after yet another snake zipped in front of a rider, yeah lets call it a ride and go get some lunch at McGlinns.


Another great ride in the books and Summer riding has not even started yet.


Short ride only covered 10 miles, 1796’ elevation gain and 6.20 Twinkies expended. In the Fall we’ll tackle the same route and include Homestead that will make for a great double loop.

NOTE: All images by Erik A., Eddie L. and Milt K.