Return to Sage Hills

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Last year around the same time (the 1st weekend of May) a group of us made the trek to Wenatchee to ride some awesome trails with lots of Sun. This time I would have a few more rides under my belt, last year my knee surgeon had just released me two months prior to ride bikes again. Hadn’t been on a bike for what six months lets go ride something with elevation. I got it done last year and really had nothing left in me for the fun parts.

Fast forward a year this should be a good check point on how the knee feels and I am roaring to enjoy the fun stuff. Rolling up to the start of Lester came across this sign (yeah the spelling is different) and just had to have my photo taken. I’ve used Hawkens as my BBS handle followed by email alias for 30 yrs.


Enough with the photo opp lets get this ride moving.


Buff and narrow trails to enjoy


After a bit of climbing we regrouped for a photo before continuing on.


Lots of up and downs as we worked out way to Horse Lake Trail Head. Perfect temps with a nice little breeze to keep ya cool at the right times.


Other than that steep sucker coming starting out of Lester the rest of the trail is not that bad of a climb at all. Nice views to enjoy while you pedal along. Just don’t take your eyes off the trail when coming down. We had one rider roll down the hill a few times. Climbing up this section one of the riders in our group reported a snake. I am ok with snakes from a distance and if I can keep an eye on it while I get around it. Being that I did not know exactly where it was in relation to the trail I pedaled a little hard to get through that section.


Another regroup then put the camera away from a fun couple sections to Horse Lake. At Horse Lake Trail Head a few go up to the view point to take in the views then we started up the road to Homestead.


Taking in the views as we ride up to Homestead. Last year this road caused me to rest multiple times, this time I just chugged along until that last left turn where the road kicks up. Next time…..




Regroup before we start down one of my favorite trails. This time I was not dead tired and had it in me to fully enjoy this trail.


As we start to roll into Homestead and the fun begins. I love to chase rabbits (riders) on trails like this…fun fun fun stuff.

The trail goes on forever it seems and I enjoyed every inch of it and wish I had legs enough to get me back up top for another run.


Taking a pulse of what folks thought of the ride.


Another group before a sprint of a climb to more fun trails. This is the point last year were we had a mechanical and I was dead tired and the group split up. This time no mechanicals, but did have a couple tired riders that would head down the way we came up earlier in the day. I am still feeling great and would head up with the rest of the group.

This next section of trail is a lot more technical than we rode all morning and then rolls us back into buff and fast trails.


Hey we are over here!


We continued on and as our trail intersected with Lester again we came up on the other group that split with us. Then heard a bang as a sidewall gave up on a riders tire. Perfect spot for it as we all regrouped took in the views and assist with the flat.


Sage Hills2


Tire fixed now to roll back to the cars.


All good things come to an end, we’ll be back in the fall or maybe next weekend. Winking smile

What a great group had a blast out on the trails, we put in 13.31 miles, 2197’ elevation gain and 7.87 Twinkies expended.