Return to Kachess

In Ride Rinse Repeat by Hawkens

Kachess used to be a trail I’d ride multiple times a season starting back in 2001 then for some reason fell out of favor around 2007. Fast forward five years later a group of us returned to tackle Kachess again.


We started by the powerlines and rode along the lake for a 5 mile warmup.


Then THE climbing began that 1st mile up to a great view point was tough and would not get any easier until we reached the meadow some 5 miles and a hike a bike later…..


Less than a mile to go


A bit more climbing yet to do….first lets stop for some lunch and enjoy the views. Not much for bugs yet…


Nearing the hike a bike section we would ride down a bit then start climbing back up. The two areas in white we need to hike through then one more push over the ridge and to the fun stuff


Reaching some of the snow we saw from the earlier photo….slick stuff and a steep hill try once you start rolling it will be hard to stop. Need to keep moving the mosquitos are thick!


Climbing some more….


Finally reached the top looking back on where we came from


Now that the climb is over we are on what makes Kachess worth the trip. I was only able to capture a few photos in this meadow before my arms were completely covered in mosquitos and had to keep moving.




After about 3 miles of riding the bugs become less of an issue.


Rolling through the forest never saw anyone else on the trail. Did come across a runner and a group of hikers out enjoying nature.


Coming down the switchbacks


Check out the concentration!




By the time we rolled back we had covered 19+ miles. Loaded up the truck and made our way to North Bend for some food.