Return of The Burn

In Ride Report by Hawkens

TheBurnRestoration2If you have been to Tolt in the last five months you may have noticed the recent logging operations have taken out The Burn, Schaefer, Mystery, Oxbow, Cross Quadrant and East Trail. The Tolt trail system is the first trail system I rode when I moved to Washington 15 years ago and lead the every Tuesday rides for 8 years. Blair Witch, Bobs Run and a few other trails have been taken out, but these in the center were what I started and ended with. These were great trails and enjoyed riding them and bummed we did not get in one last spin before they were taken out.

Well I have some good news and it is going to take all of us to make this happen. I reached out to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and they contacted Green Crow for permission to reclaim these lost trails.

To kick this project off Walt and I along with my son and several others kicked off a flagging marathon for the restoration of the new Burn trail.

We won’t be able to follow the former path exactly, due to a lot of the former path is under water or there are large piles of debris to avoid. This just means the trail will be much longer and will run from East Road to West Road completely uninterrupted. Really looking forward to this new route becoming a reality it should be a blast to ride in both directions. The trail will also be untouched for 30 – 40 years.

There is still a bit more flagging and tweaking of the route with the first official work party planned for March 7th at 9AM.

I have started to get the news out that work will begin soon on the new route and the response has been awesome. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there making this route a reality.

I’ll be formally posting work party’s on Evergreen’s calendar, here on Got Singletrack!, through social media, dropping flyers off at local bike shops and on the kiosk at Tolt to get the word out.  If you intend on attending please sign up on the calendar at Evergreeen, I’ll post a link once the event is on the calendar.

Thanks and see everyone on the 7th and future work parties at Tolt.


Tolt Trail Restoration Work Party now posted on Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance Calendar