Mountain Bikers in the Mist

In Ride Report by Hawkens

That’s the theme for our recent spin around Tokul West through the thick fog and temps hovering in the 20’s… are we in North Dakota? Thought I was back in Washington.

Seems like many of us are just recovering from the flu, the bubonic plague or in my case doc’s still don’t know. I am taking 6 different medications a day to combat this cough, funny the only relief I get from the coughing is when I ride my bike. That aside we all geared up and headed out to climb up to the SVT. A climb I was looking forward to because it’s cold!


Riding up to the road climb not much fog.


As you reach the SVT the fog gets thick


Every now and then the sun would poke out. For the most part is was cold and foggy, but keeping warm up the road climb that used to be the trail Pink Ribbon.


Then up Ridge Bypass, probably too late for the leaf blower here.


A little more road before reaching some singletrack again


This section rolls through a stream….the water was C.O.L.D


Hey there is the sun! We thought about heading over to Tokul East from here, but then changed our minds and continued on. As we continued towards the trails that would take us to Mouse Trap. We noticed a lot more sky in the distance than we recalled before and rode past the trail entrances to check it out. We also noticed the sun had gone away again too.

Tokul West Logging

Out of the thick fog we came across this site and directly behind us is the entrance to Mouse Trap and Upper Outback. It’s a bummer that they are marching towards the trails, but it is a working forest and this had been expected to occur for many years now. We then moved on to enjoy the rest of the trails.


We actually bypassed Mouse Trap and looped back over to Bon Bon. As we were about to head down Bon Bon we came across this great view. The rest of the ride as expected, fun and fast. There are some new trails and reroutes on outback, guess after all these years folks did not like the flow of the current trail. We then worked our way way to Bobsled to wrap up the ride.The entire ride we only ran across one other group, the trail conditions are good other than early sections of Upper Outback where huge ponds have formed across the trail.

As a follow up to my Tokul East RR last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the latest update from Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Check out the EMBA Tokul East trail wiki updates for 12/4, good stuff. Fingers crossed

I've had this months copy of Dirt Rag sitting on my desk for a week. Finally had a few minutes this morning to sit down and flip through it. To my surprise found a photo I submitted back in December.