Lots of changes over the last 12 months

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Sorry for the extremely long absence, for the last part of 2015 and into 2016 I was tied up with working on trails at Tolt. Then in April of last year I purchased a bike shop in North Bend, Washington.  Since then between wrapping up my projects and leaving Microsoft to run the bike shop full time, then remodeling the bike shop over the winter has taken up much of my time. I did not get out to ride much last year and working on making up for that this spring. Every Monday we have a shop ride, rolling at 6PM. Head over to http://singletrackcycles.com for the current schedule. We have rides planned up until mid August that will be reflected on the website soon. In the future I'll be rolling GotSingletrack into my bike shop as time allows. For now check the bike shop for current schedule and I am also riding every Thursday and may post a few of those here. We are heading back to Sage Hills on April 23rd, hopefully spring will arrive by then.