July Pilgrimage to Bend – Phils Trail Complex

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Day 3 with two big rides under our belt the legs felt like they may have concrete curing. Time for something easier to loosen up the legs before heading for home. Maybe Deschutes River Trail or hey how about we go to Phils and ride Whoops. Everyone was in an agreement and made plans to ride Phils Trail Complex the next day.

Next morning we caravanned to Phils some would be heading home after the ride others sticking around another day to relax and miss that weekend traffic.


The parking lot as usually was packed, but we were able to find a parking place in the shade.


Then off we went riding up Phils. Each one of us working on breaking up the concrete that was making for some stiff legs.


After a little warm up we reached a trail round a bout. The bikes needed a rest and hey there is the Flaming Chicken.


It is an unwritten rule that when you have someone new to Phils a group photo must be taken at the Flaming Chicken. Then off we went working our way to Bens.


Rolling up Phils, legs are a bit on the tired side but great to be out riding in Bend.


It was a bit on the warm side and getting warmer….


This was Brian’s 1st trip to Bend and Phils, this required us to take him around to a few of the attractions at Phils.


Peggy playing on one of the rock chutes at the Voodoo\Bens intersection.


We continued on Bens a trail that rolls for the most part with a few short climbs. Finally arriving at the bottom of Whoops. Then we ride 2 miles on forest road to the start of lower whoops.


The heat was set to broil on this 2 mile road climb. Not much of a breeze and the road was like powder making much of it feel like you are riding in sand.


Staying in the shade to cool down a bit before heading into Whoops. Trail conditions on Whoops was much better than the Road. A little dusty, but little to now powder. Fun stuff.


After exiting Whoops we started down Bens over to Voodoo. Those two little climbs back up to Phils that you don’t normally notice…..the legs begin to notice them when you have 3 days of riding behind ya. From Phils we head down Kents.


Coming down Kents we ran across maybe two riders the entire time, perhaps the heat kept everyone away. Fun Fun Fun ride to wrap up this trip on..

20 Miles on the Dot, 13 twinkies expended and 1550 elevation gain. Nice way to wrap up the trip tomorrow we head home.

Next up big trip is the Annual St Helens \ Falls Creek trip.

Photo Credit: Brian Holsclaw, Erik Alston, Milt Kageyama