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Quick Ride Report before I jump on a plane.

Driving home from Moab after last years Annual Mountain Bike trip, Tahoe was described as the bar for all other trails. That settled it for 2013, the Annual Mountain Bike trip would be Tahoe.

The first trail Ken lead us on was the Emigrant trail some rode to the lake and back for a 20+ mile ride. For my first ride in Tahoe I thought 14 miles as an out and back was plenty and save some energy for the other rides. The next day we rode Tahoe Meadows and Flume with a few going up to another lake. The views along the flume trail were great. The billy goats rode back up to the cars parked at the end of Tahoe Meadows the rest of us came down a dirt road from the Flume trail. It was powder conditions on the road and word of advice take a right at the sign for Incline Village and don't follow the road down to HWY 28 or better yet I think the billy goats had the right idea. The powder road was no fun to come down on at all and then for those that do end up exiting to HWY 28 there is no shoulder on a windy road. I commute on a road bike down HWY 202 and used to cars zipping by me at 60mph, but wow that was an intense couple miles on a very tight road for buses, cars and bikes thought for sure I was going to get taken out by one of the many buses zipping by me.

For the third day the trail Ken would be leading us on would be Hole in the Ground, I was planning on sitting it out. After a good nights sleep I had changed my mind and would be joining the group and certainly glad I did. This was the best trail of the week, a mile climb on road followed by another mile on singletrack where the views open up. Followed by a great descent that turns technical with rocks \ slick rock to navigate through or over then the trail becomes rolling. Fun stuff with a lunch stop at a lake then pushed. The remainder of the trail is rolling with a few climbs that do begin to wear ya down when we came to the next intersection for the lake or to back to the cars. Most of us skipped the lake, had we known it was so close we would have gone for the lake. Next visit I suppose.

After skipping the lake you're on road for a while that is mainly downhill then back on to trail. The trail starts off rocky then smaller stair steps that get higher as you go along. The stairs really get you bouncing where stuff not strapped in your pack are thrown out. After the stairs it gets really rocky then you are back on a road for a bit to stream crossing. Up to this point you are all smiles from a great ride..... After the stream crossing is a road climb that at this point zaps most of the energy you have left. It is all in the shade blocking the view from the vultures circling above and once you crest the hill coast downhill for a little bit and then enter singletrack again that is a short rolling climbs right up to where Ken had us park our cars earlier. Perfect!

The road climb at the end isn't really that bad, but at the time it does stink when you are tired.  That wrapped up our trip in Tahoe and after hearing Sherry's report of Mr Toads Wild Ride need to included that one on a future trip back to Tahoe.

The next day some stayed for more riding others made for home by car or plane. Milt and I made our way to Bend, Oregon.

Milt and I arrived in Bend, Oregon about 6PM and drove through some heavy rain around Sun River and was all sun by the time we arrived to Bend a short time later. After checking into our hotel grabbed dinner at 10 Barrels. It used to be you could get seated right away now it is an hour plus wait and an equally long wait to get your food. Good thing the food is always good. 🙂 That night made arrangements with my buddy Larry who lives in Bend now to pick us up at Schevlin Park and drop is off at Tumallo Falls in the morning.

In the morning we were dropped off at Tumallo Falls took in the morning views of the falls then started up North Fork. Starting with Tumallo Falls there are 10 water falls along this trail. We stopped at each one then exited to Happy Valley and began climbing Metolius-Windigo then screaming down Mrazek back to the truck. Nice 21 mile spin, cleaned up and then back on the road again for the 6hr push for home.

Here are many of the photos from the trip.

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