Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Trip 2012– The Whole Enchilada – Day 7

In Ride Report by Hawkens

The Whole Enchilada a ride I’ve been looking forward to for about a year.

It’s only the night before the fact we’ll be pedaling or walking next to our bikes at 11,156’ hits me. 35 Miles, 8000+/- Elevation Loss and around 2000 +/- gain. Do I have enough in my legs to do this ride and have fun….sure I do is what I tell myself. Take it easy and savor it all, yep that's my plan.


The morning started cold and the WHE shuttle was a bit late leaving. A group from Germany were touring trails in Colorado for the last couple weeks. The battery was dead in their RV and delayed their arrival to the shuttle van. Once they arrived we were off. Great discussions with the group from Germany they rode WHE early in the week. This time they were going to ride Moon LIght Meadows.

The others in the van were locals and a few from Kansas would be riding WHE.


Up and Up we go.


The gang




Amazing to go from desert to tree’s.

Unload and pay our $25 for the shuttle.


Group photo….it was cold



Lots of cows on this ride




IMG_2524 Stitch

Another group shot….delaying before we tackle the climb behind us


There was some riding

Some hiking


The views were big!

IMG_2538 Stitch

IMG_2550 Stitch1



Legs had it in me to pedal up this beast…the lungs were on fire


What a view and a nice looking trail that was a beast to climb up


I started the GPS late, so the mileage is off by over a half mile. The elevation is correct and we were all feeling it.


Success we made it to the top!

Others did the same


Heading over the top the trails felt like Washington. Steep, lots of roots and rocks.


About a 1/2 of the way down this section we started to catch up to riders. One group was stopped trying to come up with a field repair. They lost a bolt to one of suspension pivots and ended up using a multi tool and zip ties.


Heading through sections of buff trail with large rocks, probably the fastest I’ve ever gone through sections like this. The Remedy ate it all up and I was having a blast.


Many stream crossings on the upper sections, the water was COLD!


Rolling in Hazard County


These photos do not capture the vibrance of the sky or leaf colors.


Rolling into an unexpected view

IMG_2624 Stitch

Came around the corner to this view



We followed some road for a bit to the next trail head. Looking back at Burro Pass you can see it to the left in the distance.



IMG_2669 Stitch


Trail started off rolling then became much steeper


Rolling out of the trees


Starting to see the desert coming into focus. This section was fast and super rocky as it rolled down to the Kokopelli ride.


The 2nd or 3rd time this week we’ve been on parts of this trail. From this point we would be on the road for a bit then back onto trail again


Each sign had a notice of the WHE Enduro that would be occurring in two weeks.


Out of the trees

IMG_2751 Stitch

Slick Rock time



Maybe I hadn’t eaten enough, but I really felt mentally tired about this point. Not bonk as the legs were doing find just making silly mistakes and really slow to react to my environment.  Maybe that was a bonk either way once I started to keep on top of getting calories into me I started to feel better.


The notch that 1st part not fun at all then became a rolling trail. Much of what we hit after this did not look familiar to my last visit.


Big Views


Covered in dust.


Views at every turn


Fun section of rock and trail


It felt like the ride would never end we had our fill of the slick rock today, but still a long ways to go yet.


Finally reached singletrack once more


The Colorado River we are getting very close well four miles closer to the road now


This section has it all exposure, features and views



Big views all the way to the end.


From this point our group started to stretch out Ken out 1st and heading to get the truck followed by Milt and then myself. Peggy went down by the river and waited for us.

For myself I still had energy to burn and wanted to see how quickly I could get to the Moab Campground. That is where we stayed on our last trip and recall just riding Porcupine Rim a little 15 mile ride that the spin back to Moab and the campground kicked my tail. This time was a different story I was in the big ring and flying down the road. Rolling into Moab still with energy left, but very thirsty and hungry. 10 minutes later I was in my truck with Milt, Ken and we drove back to the trail head to pickup Peggy.  Then back to the Condo to clean up and back into town for Dinner.

The Whole Enchilada – 38.16 miles, 8,390’ elevation loss and 2,166’ elevation gain. A big day and a great way to wrap up Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Trip.

Photo Credit: Erik, Ken, Milt, Peggy