Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Trip 2012– Fruita – Day 5

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Day 5 is our last ride in Fruita tomorrow we move HQ to Moab.

For our last ride we fill up with a great breakfast at Camilla’s Kaffe it was chilly and ate inside this trip.


Yes…I’ve already forgotten and ate a big breakfast it was so good though. It played nice in the stomach this time too.


Just about every shop in Fruita has stickers that say WTF.


We drove out to Rabbit Valley before you ask we saw absolutely no rabbits in Rabbit Valley. The road out to this trail head is rough and parts of it feel like you are driving through a river bed. Eventually we made it to the trail head.

Todays ride would be Western Rim it came highly recommended and told that  parts of it are open to Moto’s.


Loaded up too a look at the map and off we went. We climbed a road for a bit then connects to singletrack.


It appeared that every intersection required you to climb up a steep section. The sections that offered technical challenges up the climb I really enjoyed, but couldn’t they have waited to throw these in until we had warmed up a bit.





As we started to gain some elevation every where you looked offered great views


For this section there were two choices an easy way and then this steeper section.


I love a challenge



Looking out towards Western Rim….we continued on from here. The trail or road had a bit more climbing and then rolled into some serious deep powder conditions. It appeared we were entering Adventure \ Exploration mode from this point, but the road was now going to turn into a trail. At this point one of the riders was not feeling well and would be turning back. No reason to push on into the unknown when you are feeling like crap. I’ve been there and it just makes for a crappy experience pushing through it.  Said good bye to the two that would be heading back and pushed on.


The powder road we are on heads down turns to singletrack and then became awesome from here on.


While riding and checking out the view we some how missed a turn… well worn the this trail was many others have made the same mistake.


We figured that out when we got to this point……climbed up on the rock above us and then another and another until we found the trail above us.  Then helped each other get our bikes up and back on the trail. Then back tracked to find where we missed the trail. There was a technical stair case you came and if you were concentrating on this you would miss the turn on the right

IMG_2299 Stitch

Checking out the views as we ride along the rim


The trail just rolls along


Then we came to this unexpected playground. Rode out and around this for a bit.

IMG_2336 Stitch


Checking out the view


Watch that 1st step


Looks like a good spot to have lunch


photo (3)

Not a bad view for lunch



Amazing that these rocks stay perched this way


The trail would navigate around areas like this and back onto the rim again



Looking across where had just ben


IMG_2359 Stitch




Amazing views and the rock formations

IMG_2370 Stitch


Pushing on


Leaving Western Rim behind us




The trail kicks up finally and steep


You’ve got this


Looking back at the area we just came through. Originally we had planned on an our and back, those plans changed when we wanted to explore more and make this a loop.


Pushing on it was now hot and the group kind of leap frogged along. On some climbs my legs would truck along and others they would say it’s time to walk.

For a bit it was unclear if we were on the right track, but the GPS should we were and continued on.


After some riding we start climbing and found ourselves above Western Rim trail. It was also our first encounter with Moto’s that stopped and asked if we had plenty of water. Yep, we are good. I was still 3/4 full.

After a bit more climbing the trail\road we were on intersected with a section we rode in the morning and looked familiar. We followed part of it then took a different route back to the trailhead.



Rolling back to the trailhead I don’t think we have ever been so happy to see the truck before. Started it up and got that AC cranked.


Unloaded the bikes and got cleaned up. Then I called the two campgrounds in Moab that have cabins to reserve a cabin for the next few days….figured this late in the season they would have plenty. Guess I should have done that earlier they were all booked for a Rodeo. Did some searching online for options and did not find anything that would fit our needs. So, I called the place up told them what we were looking for and 10 minutes later had a confirmation email. Three bedroom Condo with a two car garage and five beds, we are good and a load off the mind and much better than a Cabin


After cleaning up we made figured lets go checkout Grand Junction for dinner since we are so close.  A particular place for Italian was recommended a few days earlier. Though none of us could recall the name and ate at the 1st place we found. It was ok.


Then back to Fruita unlike Moab there is not much for souvenir shops here. Walgreens was recommended by one store, but they really did not have much. So, we loaded up on soft serve….



On the way back to Camp picked up a bag of ice….the knee was acting up a bit. Now to backup photos from the last five days.

Later that night we all piled into our cabin for  an impromptu slideshow of the days ride. Thanks for the great memories Fruita in the morning we packup and head to Moab