Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Trip 2012– Fruita – Day 4

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Day 4 started with a flat tire… woke up went out to load the bikes on the truck and saw the rear tire flat. Something you really want to do at 6AM when half awake.


Today we would start the ride earlier to avoid the afternoon heat little did we know that would not be the issue this morning... Heading to the grocery store to pickup trail lunch and meet two more that would join us for todays ride.


Drove to Loma a few miles west of Fruita where we would ride Rustlers Loop, Mary’s Loop/Horsethief Bench and a few others.


Group photo after a little road climb


Dark Clouds in the distance. When we left Fruita it was sunny with blue skies then dark clouds start rolling in with it Thunder.  You could see rain in the distance, but other than a sprinkle here and there the storm clouds blew through quickly.



Chased by dark clouds


What goes down must climb back up and be twice as steep.


One of the few trails along the trail with thunder above figured we should keep moving.


Looking down where we had been not all that long ago


Dark clouds leaving the area


A few minutes later we are back to blue skies and heat comes on


Playing it safe


Ken demonstrating how to navigate this seciton


Ken and I kept a little secret from the group we’d tell them after we finished this loop..hehehe


Off we go for rolling terrain.

IMG_2003 Stitch

Sun coming out and a little sand trap to pedal through



The Colorado River


Rolling high above the rider there was some slick rock, broken rock and technical features to go down and up. Fun! The trail continued to head down then we had to climb back out


This climb out of the valley was a bugger the breeze at the top was very welcome



From there the trail would roll then…..



We reached this point again…. Hike Bike back up to the top time. From the top our group split part of the group continuing for a few more hours and others working our way back.


Heading down then up and over that road in the distance


Top of the road looking down on the parking lot. Another fun ride behind us tomorrow we will head to Rabbit Valley to ride the Western Rim.

Once everyone was back at camp and cleaned up we made the trek to check out the Colorado National Monument. The road through the park is 16 miles starts in Fruita and comes out in Grand Juction.

IMG_2169 Stitch

Looking down on the road we just came up


IMG_2232 Stitch

IMG_2247 Stitch


Really neat terrain and that ends another great day in Fruita.


Photo Credit: Erik A, Ken M., Peggy