Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Trip 2012– Fruita – Day 3

In Ride Report by Hawkens

On Day 3 woke up well before the sun, just a bundle of excitement to ride new trails.


My room mates I think were on the same wave length or the flash of my camera in the dark room woke them up. Either way we were up and getting ready for the days adventure.


First as the sun began to rise we need to find breakfast. We made our way to Camilla’s Kaffe


We arrived before they opened, but they brought out coffee to warm us up.


Main street quiet at 8AM

WP_000892 (2)

The waitress made recommendation and I went with the following it was very very good…….yet I do know better than to eat a big meal before a ride. I’d pay for this indulgence later….

WP_000893 (2)

It was also Milt’s Birthday the staff came out singing Happy Birthday carrying a cinnamon roll with a lit candle. Great way to start this morning!


After a great breakfast it was time to ride. We drove a bit North of Fruita to the Brookscliff area.


Rolling! rolling climb to the start of Kessel Run. We would hook up with a Assuie that had been in Fruit for a few months for work and would ride with us on the 1st run.


The trail rolls up and down



Fun stuff, but that 1st run up there was a breakfast burrito that pulled a knife and fighting to get out of my stomach…..



The trail system was well marked


Lots of rolling trail with a few technical areas


After a couple miles of a rolling climb we reached the high point. Now to go down Kessel run


Kessel run was lots of this rolling up and down



Then a short steep climb back to the trail head. Where our new buddy headed back to his truck and we continued on for another lap


For our 2nd lap we would head to Chutes and Ladders


Fun is that way….


A few short steep climbs


The only shade on this section of trail


Most folks we came across were coming from the opposite direction….perhaps our intel was incorrect


There was not much fun to be had the direction we were heading…then the trail really kicked up




After a some hiking a bike more climbing we could coast down a bit

photo (3)

Looking out over the trail system they call PBR.


This is the only photo taken as we rolled into PBR. PBR is like a downhill pump track and you did not want to stop the fun to take a photo.


All smiles rolling out of PBR


For our final lap we would head back up to Kessel. Ken would go ride Chutes and Ladders as an out and back then catch back up to us.


Climbing backup is easier now that my stomach won the knife fight with the breakfast burrito. We will not eat a big meal like that again…we’ll until I forget again.


We’ve been out for several hours and the day was getting hot. Found a shady spot and rested for a bit, then pushed on to Kessel and zipped back to the trail head. There were several more trails in this system to check out, for a 1st day of this six day trip it was a nice warm up ride. Loaded up our gear and headed back to town to drop my bike off at the local shop and then clean up.


I must have hit a rock or something on the trail that bent the derailleur and the hub had come loose again too. The banged up derailleur was causing shifting issues and with several days of riding ahead needed to be addressed. Dropped the bike off at the Edge Sports went back to the cabin to clean up then returned for my bike.

The bike shop tried to get me going again, but shifting was still hard. Told them just replace the derailleur that then turned into a new chain and you know what else needed to be replaced…. $404 dollars later I left with a bike that shifted well and ready for the next days riding.

Everyone stuck around while I waited on my bike to get a new drive line. While waiting one of the guys said you all want a beer. Smile Probably the most expensive beers I’ve purchased…..and I don’t drink beer.


After getting the bike fixed we made our way to  El Tapatio for some food and drink.  Then back to camp to prep the bikes for the next days riding.


As the sun was setting Peggy talked us into an evening spin to the local Bike park.


There is a pump track, dirt jumps, elevated beams and a teeter.


Milt riding his first teeter


After getting our fill of the bike park did a bit more exploring and found a little park with a lake. We rode around the area a bit and then back to camp where we hung out at the pool for a bit.

Roll back to our cabin Milt found he had a flat tire. Found a goat head and figured he picked it up when he went off trail. I did not check my tire….


I would find my tire flat in the morning also caused by a goat head. Perhaps we picked it up on the our evening spin.

What a great first day looking forward to the next days ride.


Photo Credit: Erik A, Ken M., Peggy