Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Trip 2012– Day 1\2

In Ride Report by Hawkens

At early o’clock a few of us loaded into the truck and made our way to Fruita, Colorado for Erik’s Annual Mountain Bike Ride. This trip marks the 9th year for the Annual Mountain Bike Trip. Each year is some where different with a few repeats thrown in along the way.

For this years trip part of it will be in Fruita, Colorado then a return trip for some of us to Moab, Utah.


Rolling out of Snoqualmie!


Leaving Oregon and entering Idaho….


Stopped in Twin Falls, Idaho for dinner and fuel. As we rolled out of town we were greeted with this great sunset. The sky enhanced by forest fire smoke.




After a long day of driving we called it a night and were back on the road early o’clock


Not before filling up on a great breakfast at the local Perkins


Then back on the road again


I love to get out on the open road and drive, throwing in some exploration along the way is icing on the trip.  Some where between Idaho and Salt Lake City we saw a sign for the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Hey let’s go check it out and so we did, glad we did too.


We showed up just in time to catch the re-enactment that are only scheduled on Saturday’s.






After spending some time at the Golden Spike it was time to get back on the road again.


While driving through Salt Lake City we saw they had a In-N-Out Burger. Ken the Navigator for this trip found there were several more up the road and plotted a course to the next one near the interstate. Yum then it was the final 250 miles to Fruita.2012-09-15_12-16-11_666

Yum with full stomachs back on the road for the final 250 miles to Fruita.


Getting closer



Welcome to Colorado


Yep, we are in the right place to do some Mountain Biking! Our very first stop was Over The Edge Sports to pickup local trail maps and guides. We already had an idea of what we wanted to ride. No only did the shop sell us maps they went through each area we should check out, direction to ride the trails and added new trails not yet in guides on our maps.  We would have more ride options in front of us than days to ride.


We then made our way to Monument RV Resort the cabins were similar to the ones we’ve stayed in Moab. Unloaded the truck then jumped into Peggy’s Rental to locate some food.


Leading up to this trip everyone that had been to Fruita and knew I was going recommended the Hot Tomato Café.  That is exactly where we went and ordered the Meaty Boy….this was by far the best pizza I have ever eaten this pizza. I am not on the hunt for one that is equally delicious locally.

While waiting on our pizza to arrive we talked among ourselves on where we should go for breakfast. About that time we found out how friendly this place is. A local sitting at the next table came over and said I heard you wondering where to go for breakfast. He then make a recommendation for Camilla’s Kaffe and a few others for lunch or dinner.

That’s it for now time to call it a day, tomorrow breakfast then we hit some trails.