Early Season Cooper River

In Ride Report by Hawkens

The itch to start riding the annual favorites kicked in on Sunday. Earlier reports mentioned Cooper River was still covered in 2’ deep snow drifts. Being adventurous mountain bikers, we figured check it out if it is bad then plan B to Rat Pac.

Arrived to the trail head to find it packed along with all the camp sites, I suppose Memorial Weekend is when Salmon La Sac gets really busy. We could see snow in the mountains, but road and trail at this point were clear. The lake was full more so then I’ve seen it previous years and the river was really moving too.


Found the last parking spot loaded up and headed down the trail. The view above I’ve never ever stopped at I normally just keep riding by. This time I walked down to see where the kids always jump in and checkout the view. Then it was catch up time as Dave did not see our bikes and kept on going.


Eventually we caught up to Dave near the rock slab where we normally regroup and took in the view. The trail conditions have been great with no snow.

We pushed on and eventually did run into some snow and blow down. What could be removed has been removed, everything else will require a large saw. The snow that is on the trail is just a short section and can plowed through.


Popped out of the road and made our way to the lake. Lots of fisherman today, doesn’t sound like they were catching anything. From here we made our way to Pete Lake Trail Head.


That is where the we actually ran into deep snow. There would be patches of the above on the trail then clear up and we could ride again. Eventually we exited to the road as it was getting too deep and followed the road to Pete Lake Trail head.


While the road was bone dry the trail head was not.


The trail appears to be dry lets push on.


Snack stop and take in the views




After snacking it was time to push on the trail we started off good then started hitting patches of snow. Then finally blocked by lots of fallen tree’s guess, seems like a good place to turn around and head back. I think I felt a rain drop or two.


Rolled back down and made a stop at the bridge before riding the Cooper River Trail back to Salmon La Sac.


Where we saw this…..hopefully the paddle boat just lost its anchor and someone did not actually try to go down the rapids in this.


Cooper River fun as always on the way back….there always seems to be two or three more climbs that you’ve forgotten about.





As we rolled back to the truck it began to rain, perfect timing on our part. Even though the ride was cut short we still got in a good 11 miles.

Cleaned up then drove into Roslyn to have a late lunch at the Roslyn Café, they sure do make a tasty burger. Looking forward to heading back to the area again next month.