Courtland Capitol Forest Shuttle and BBQ

In Ride Report by Hawkens

It has been about 4 years ago in August that I had my 1st taste of Capitol Forest. I was sick as a dog during that ride, but recalled the trails were fun all the same. Fast forward to last weekend for my 2nd ride at CF, Court once again our guide for Capitol took us on a 20+ mile sampler of Capitol Forest. It was a tasty sampling of Capitol Forest too!


We would be starting at the Y and found it easy enough. About a half hour after we arrived trucks and cars start rolling in and then quickly got the bikes loaded up on a few trucks.


Threw my gear in Milts Element and off we went to up to the top where this ride would begin.


Once at the top I found that my camera battery was still at home on the Charger…….I really need to pickup another battery that I lave in the truck. Guess it will be a camera phone kind of day.

To kick off this ride Court began to give us warnings about the upper section to the point that I think a few of us were questioning what we just signed on for. Then covered what we can expect further into the ride and where the regroups would occur. In the end the upper section was was not nearly as bad as described next time I’ll know that.

The upper section has some gnarly sections, nothing that would make you get off your bike. The turns on the switchbacks are plenty wide, but as we were told by Court watch the speed coming into the turns or you might leave the trail.


The 1st section I had Courts warning bouncing around my noggin then the trail started rolling a bit and then we entered a familiar trail. I had only been on GL6 once 4yrs ago, but immediately recognized it. Fun trail that I need more time on.



After 7 miles of downhill fun with a little rolling we arrived here. Everyone was breaking out sandwiches and snacks, time to refuel for the climbing that is coming…. I had been told there would be some steep stuff coming.


Load up and our group of 13 started down the road. The road had us coasting downhill for a bit then a gradual climb ending with a steeper section, but overall not bad at all.



Then back on the trail again for more coasting fun followed by some rolling again.


Then we arrived to the climb I had been told there could be some walking and the entire climb would be about 4 miles. The 1st section while steep was not that bad I kept pushing the pedals at a slow pace expecting I would need to do this for the next four miles. The climb ended up being 2 maybe 3 miles at the most.

As we exited the trail Mike would be heading down a short cut to get the grill started for the BBQ. I had thought about joining, but the descriptions of the next sections Court would be taking sounded fun.


We started out by the radio towers in the center there, lots of ground covered and we are not even to the half way point yet.

Here is where the photos stop the next sections were a great deal of fun. Some rolling climbs followed by long sections of flying on a ribbon of singletrack stopping here and there to let the horses by. Everyone we came across was friendly, had one Horse Rider tell us when you are looking at the video or photos tonight and wonder who is the rider, I’m Bonnie. Hello Bonnie and off we went. After more rolling downhill we had two steeper climbs to go before arriving to the road that would take us back to the Y and the BBQ.

The road section advertised as a 1/2 mile back to the cars was more like 2 miles, in this case I’ll take it felt great to do some spinning. Smile


Rolled back to the Y and could smell food was already on the grill.


There was no shortage of meat, this group knows how to BBQ.




The route we followed and  below you can see we headed in the general downhill direction most of the day. Great route lots of different terrain some technical others smooth made for a great mix of riding. Looking forward to the next one or might venture out and follow this route again


20+ Miles, 2188 Elevation Gain, 3918 Elevation Loss and 15.46 Twinkies expended

Photo Credit: Brandon L. Erik A., Milt K., Aaron D.

In closing I’ll leave you with this little tune….