Catch a tiger by its toe

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Once a year I make the trek the few miles from my house to ride the trails at East Tiger. Kind of sad it is so close that I don’t ride here more often, but by the time the trails open for the year there is better riding else where.

When I left my house it was soaked in fog, but when I arrived at Tiger lot 15 or so minutes later I was out of the fog and we would have the sun. The road climb is always a tough, but found it a bit easier this time around, must be all those climbs at Grand Ridge paying off.


The Y sure came up quick then it got hard for a bit as we climbed up to the towers


Climb up to the towers to ride probably the best section of the entire loop. At the top there was a guy just doing laps on the upper trail prior to heading down to Preston, great idea as the rest of the trail is meh compared to the new upper trails. The spin down Preston was one of the few times the trail wasn’t a running river, but all that new rock kind of messes with the feel of the trail from years past.


We had a little evil on this ride.

Exiting Preston we climbed up the road a bit to ride the new Connector Trail Silent Swamp. It started off kind of fun, but then began to feel like we were riding it backwards. It wasn’t until we reached Joyride that the trail was fun. Really fun actually! Not sure if the trail designers intent was to ride Northwest Timber to Joyride to Silent Swamp. Even if you did take that route Joyride would not be a fun climb.


Nearing the end of the ride. Like the new bridges, the metal slate versions are interesting, wonder how they are when wet. Normally when I hit Northwest Timber the low fuel light is blinking, still feeling good. The areas in the clear cut are certainly getting worn down and dusty.


I do certainly enjoy the view of the valley from Northwest Timber, perhaps I should come back more than once a year.

Great weather, road climb seemed less steep this year and have to agree with many others that Silent Swamp feels like you are riding it backwards the entire time. Joyride on the other hand that was a blast, next time we’ll climb up the road a bit further and see if that section is any better. Till next year