Carnage at Tokul East

In Ride Report by Hawkens

If you’ve traveled to Tokul East recently you’ll notice these signs plaster near many of the trail entrances.


As the photo states beginning January 1st 2012 to continue riding at Tokul East or West you’ll need to purchase an individual Permit for $75 or a Family Permit for $150. Additional details can be found on the Hancock Recreation Access Website.  Personally if the trails lost can be brought back then I’d be willing to pay the $75. Heck a monthly gym membership is $70+ a month.

The fact I can leave my truck home, roll out of my garage and at Tokul East in 20 minutes has made this a weekly ride for 10 years, many of those years with my Black Lab, Hutch in tow. When I first started riding here it was very rare to come across any other riders, sometimes there would be a homeless camp. Now it is common to run across solo or groups of riders on any given day. Coming home after basically traveling for the last two months it was tough to see much of my regular route is no more.

After many questions on what trails are untouched or gone, here ya go, starting from 356th


Coming down the SVT here is the trail we used to take up to a little trail up to the power lines.


Now back up about 20’ and here is the new entrance, the trail we used to ride is now a road. On the left the road heads down below the SVT, new winter training route…. Need to see where it comes out below and we’ll see.


The road is a bit soft in places, but not that bad of a pedal to the top.


We can see the top getting close and the 1st sign that logging has occurred.


As you come up the road and look right this little section of trail is the only evidence left of the original trail.


Pan of the top of the climb to the power lines. The trail I normally take from this point that would take you around the pond is no longer.


Now there is a road instead of trail and no sign of where the existing trails used to be. This road takes you past the pond that has some barriers around it, a large pit has been dug across from the pond, perhaps for more water holding. Once we found the pond we headed south towards the lower trails to find what was left up on the ridge. We already know the trails below the ridge are gone.

TE Lower Trails

We continued south until we reached this Y, prior to the logging we would take a right to the trails that head down the ridge to the SVT. Now that direction goes no where and the right would take you out to the road and is no longer too. We back tracked towards the pond and took off another trail that comes out further east of this spot.


The other trail eventually puts at this spot, looking west were had been not long ago. All the trails in the center no longer.


Looking east from here you can now see houses, they get more sun now with not much of a view.

TE Road Int

From here we work our way to the road that heads up to the Big Rock and upper trails. This is probably the worst section of road we came across all day the upper sections of road have new gravel. The clear cut shown above goes all the way to the old exit to Flowtron. From the flagging and work we come across at the top tells me that everything we ride in what we consider Tokul East may not be here when summer arrives.


Getting close to the top more gravel and drainage work maybe….

The upper trails are untouched, there are several a new or reopened road roads, one in particular below Tether Ball. Probably best to get in a few more turns on these trails or if you’ve not been get moving and ride these. That way by summer or in a few years like the old bridge off of Flowtron you can say ya I used to ride there. The original downhill trails are untouched.


Coming off the original downhill runs under the power lines, we turned left to follow a fun trail only to come to this. Back up rode the trails on the west side of the power lines that are untouched.

That wraps current conditions at Tokul East, as they change and they will leave a comment in the Got Singletrack! forums.

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