Blizzard, a bit of rain and finally sun

In Home, Ride Report by Hawkens

Since we had a drier then normal winter made the annual trek to Wenatchee for blue skies and sun a month earlier.

Heading over Snoqualmie Pass we had some rain and by the time we pulled into Wenatchee we were welcomed with blue skies and sun.  That would not last long though as we made our way to where we would start this trips ride the clouds rolled in and it started to snow.

Today we would ride Stairway, Twin Peaks and finish up with Sage Hills.

Loading up and heading out we had a few snow flakes coming down.


The start of the ride the grade of the trail was perfect not too steep making for a great climb. We kept thinking we should really do this as an out and back as this trail looks like a lot of fun in the other direction too. Maybe next time….



The snow fall really kicked in to high gear, not really sticking much.

After a bit of climbing on trail we exited to a road for more climbing. A few comments not liking the climb and why are we doing this…


Group shop all smiles still have a good time, but a bit more road to climb


Ok, I guess some snow was sticking


The last push and more snow falling


A bit cold at the top and some partial views through the clouds now we hit some fun sections.


Lets roll a ways to go yet




After rolling down for a while we arrived at a fork with some choices. The description we were given is this section of trail is really steep sit on your back wheel type the other choice is road. No road for us lets go with the steep, it wasn’t that steep after all and a great run even with the slick conditions











After a bit of trail we arrive to more road, a little climb to the top then coasting for a bit. We all really hate losing elevation on a road, but it would soon be worth it.  We connected to a fun section of trail followed by another great section of trail.



Those last few sections were so much fun and we still have much more fun ahead of us


For the last few years we would drive up just to ride Sage Hills. The route we took today allowed us to sample many great trails and include Sage Hills in the loop. All smiles rolling down Homestead







Climbing out before we head down again



The weather had everyone wearing rain jackets making it easy to pick them out. The couple sitting next to me mentioned they all look like colorful marbles rolling down the trail


What goes down must climb out again. Nice of the sun to finally make an appearance.


Last of the photos I need to go catch up and then head over to McGlinn’s Public House for great food and conversations.

Hoping to head back again in the fall and either ride what we rode as an out and back or the same loop.