Another Spin at Grand Ridge \ Duthie

In Ride Report by Hawkens

For my brothers 3rd ride in the Northwest we took a spin on Grand Ridge and Duthie. The ride started off chilly.. where is the Sun we had on Saturday….We warmed up quick enough though after few pedals strokes on the trail and the jacket was packed away.

Lots of traffic coming down the trail today as we rode up even one 12yr old Show Horse named Logan out for his1st trail ride. Unlike us.. Logan was not having fun on the trail. Scared of the water across the trail, Bikes, Bear Bells and the entire experience, stimulation overload. We ended up walking behind the horse about a 1/4 mile before we were given the opportunity to get past. Then only a couple in our group were able to walk past then Logan would get spooked and run down the trail again. Eventually the rest of us were able to get past Logan, back on our bikes and pedaled away. They had a ways to go before they could get off the trail and we warned all the riders we came upon that they would be stopped by a very nervous horse behind us.


Eventually we came to the Bog Bridge, seemed like it took us longer to get here last time. Regroup and then up the switchbacks to Duthie.


A little skinny time then a lap or two on Moving-On, Step it Up, Boot Camp, Ryan’s Line


Great to be riding with John again and Walt was on Fire, flying down the trail.


Roller Coaster….


After a few laps at Duthie we rode back to the cars and as we’ve done on a few rides this season had a BBQ. Great Food, Great Company and now I need a nap