Annual Memorial Weekend in Bend, Oregon

In Ride Report by Hawkens

Early Friday morning hitched up the trail left for Bend Oregon with my son and his buddy.


We were loaded for Bear. I use this term a great deal on my trips and have been asked what does it mean? It means that we carry more equipment than necessary and ready for anything.


Every Memorial Weekend we stop at Maryhill Stonehenge WWI and Korean War Memorial.


After setting up camp and having dinner our evening ended with this great sunset.


Got up early Saturday morning ate a hardy breakfast then drove out to Phils trailhead. We started up Ben’s first making our way to Whoops.


Leap frogged along the way.


Climbed up to the road to Whoops non-stop then down Whoops. Whoops is already dusty could use some rain and there are some new gap jumps. They are easy to identify stay to the left.

Rolled out of Whoops, followed Ben’s to Voodoo then a side trip to show my son’s buddy the local trail art.


Looks like the head has been removed from the rider of the bike art….


Back tracked and came down my son’s favorite trail Kent’s


Kents is one of his favorite trails and while taking this photo recalled I had a similar shot from 4 years ago. Back then he was on 20” wheels now running the 26”, this Fall he will be moving to a Trek Fuel 29er.

We zipped down Kent’s arrived back to the trailhead then rode up Phil’s to checkout more trail art and maybe another lap down Kents.


A season of early riding, training and racing has made this 12yr old of mine very quick. Made for a great weekend of riding chasing him and his buddy.



Rolled back to the trailhead after covering 22+ Miles now to go find some food. We tried to eat at 10 Barrels, twice this trip both times it was a 2hr wait time to expand. We drove a little further down the road and ate at the Cascade Lakes Brewing Company great food and only a 30 minute wait.


Saturday we had another great night and burned the remainder of our firewood


Sunday there had been some rain overnight by morning the sun had once again returned. We had a late breakfast and drove out to Benham Falls to ride the Deschutes River trail.

The trails were bone dry no sign it had rained that night before. Lots of hikers out and a couple fellow Mountain Bikers. One rider in particular we ran across the day before at Phils and a Deschutes river trail was Craig of R U Nuts Adventures check out his blog he is a retired engineer from Spokane Washington. Craig has been traveling since 2008  in his Dodge Sprinter riding Mountain Bike trails in every state.


Climbing back up from the river


Heading backup I kind of forgot about this climb until we hit it on the way out, but both kids did great pedaling non stop to the top.


Once up top they both looked like they were getting a bit tired only four miles to go


The remained of the trail rolls up and down with one mild climb to the cars at the end. Of all the times I’ve been on this trail this ride was the 1st time we’ve come across snakes, they were the non rattling kind. Still kind of wakes you up when you come across a few snakes on the trail.


As always the Deschutes River Trail is always a great ride


Great trip and nice send off for my son’s buddy who is moving out of state at the end of the school year.

Normally we ride again on Monday before heading for home, they were calling for rain all day canceling our plans for another ride. Sunday night we packed up everything for a morning departure grabbed a pizza in La Pine and watched a movie in the trailer.