4th of July Weekend–Ride Smorgasbord

In Ride Report by Hawkens


4th of July weekend coming up and have to stay local what to do, how about ride all four days on some fun local trails. Tossed up on the calendar four days of riding to see who was around and was joined by Walt, Dave, Rick, Jim, James, KC, Jessie and John. Great pace all four days and put in 50+ miles. The legs were darn tired for Sunday's ride....yet Strava tells me it was my best time on Boot Camp loop.


Log Train - Notice Rick is riding right on the edge of the log


Riding out at Henry's Ridge stopped to session a log


Jim passed along some great tips


Watch out for tree stumps on Beaver Tracks they are mobile and love pedals


Riding Duthie - Have you accessorized your bike? We chatted with a rider at Duthie on the drops, she spent 8hrs, 4hrs each side adding a little sparkle to her bike. Or as she put it a tattoo for her bike. It did sparkle in the sun.

On the last day of the 4th of July Weekend Ride Smorgasbord my legs, shoulder, arms and back all said we are done..No I can't go ride another trail the legs have reported the fusion reactors are down for service until perhaps Thursday evening.
Wow did I have fun... riding the Remedy these last four days love that bike. I heard it sigh in relief that it gets a rest for a few days when I hung it up today or maybe that was me. Great time riding with everyone need to do that again.