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In Ride Report by Hawkens

Back in 2008 I was traveling a great deal for work and could no longer lead or attend the weekly Tuesday @ Tolt night rides handing off the reins. A ride I had been leading since 2004, logging 50 Tuesday night rides a season throw in the Friday Riding Scared series my lights and I were getting a great workout. In place of these rides I was on an airliner heading to or from overseas or working late.

Heading into 2013 my schedule loosened up a bit and looking forward to finally getting in some weeknight rides and pushed to ride more often.

What I really enjoy about night rides are old trails that have gotten boring over the years, become new and exciting again at night. Your wild life encounters increase on night rides too, it is not uncommon to come across a large cat, bear, deer or many white mice. Where do these white mice coming from? Riding out at Tolt I see them all over the place is there some secret lab nearby that these mice escape from?

After a winter of riding trails in the dark the trails are less boring in the daylight for a bit. Everything looks different and not uncommon to find that you don't recognize some of the landmarks in the daylight. Then the night riding season begins and you don't recognize the landmarks at night.

In the past we would ride snow or typhoon no matter the weather we would be out there getting in some exercise. My ride no matter what attitude is less these days and not that interested in riding in really foul weather. Now if I look outside and see raining cats and dogs I'll probably sit and spin on the Computrainer instead.

Time to read up on the latest trend for riding lights and pickup a backup set. My Niterider Moab light continues to work great, getting loaned out here and there a few times and used on a few rides through the Snoqulamie train tunnel on the John Wayne trail.

See everyone on the trails maybe even on a few night rides in the near future